Friday, November 18, 2016

Hanoi Jane

Once again we are seeing the face of Jane Fonda and the hate that is directed toward her because of her stance concerning Viet Nam and her trip to Hanoi. She has been called a traitor yet found to have broken no laws with respect to treason nor sedition. I'll not say she was right to go nor will I defend her. What I will point out is that almost all od the people who choose to be so vocal about her are the same people who applaud Senator Mitch McConnells refusal to give a nom,inee a rightful hearing to fill the vacancy of the Supreme Court. They are the same people who cheered on President Elect Donald Trump while he called for second amendment solutions if he were to lose the election. These are the same people who continually support a republican led congress in their attempt to make a failure of the Obama administration.

We are a nation that has chosen to condemn Jane Fonda never to be forgiven while applauding and supporting people who have vowed to make this country fail for the purpose of obtaining political power rather than work for the best interests of the people. There's something wrong with the way 'we the people' allow the body politic rape the country while condemning an individual.

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