Friday, December 18, 2015

The Guardians

Gibran wrote of the two guardian angels. You can find the actual writing here . What a fight they had. They fought tooth and nail over whose posting was more difficult. The one was guardian of a sinner while the other had the job of watching the saint. They got so far out of hand that their assignments became ignored and the archangel had to come and break up the fight. He asked what had caused this rift between the two and found that the only solution to the problem was to have them swap assignments seeing that they had both believed the other had it so easy. It seems as though the whole thing went to show us that there are times that the guardians need to receive a little waking up to the reality of the situation.

Why even mention this writing? Why look at two stubborn individuals who for the life of them cannot get along enough to really even consider each others position in their need to be the one who is correct. I seems to me that we have that same situation right here in the good ole US of A in or political system. Two parties that no matter what the other side has to present, the other side tends to cover their ears and begin chanting la-la-la-la-la to drown out what they don't wish to listen to. Our representatives and senators, what a sad lot. These elected men are supposed to be the guardians of this country with the express purpose of taking care of the people. Their priorities have strayed away from the people unto the corporations and rich benefactors that are bribing, legally bribing the officials who are sworn to represent the people.

Time for the people to find an arch-angel that can set these guardians straight.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Song No Longer Rings True

The sky still blue and spacious
our fields grow golden grains
snow capped mountains
are still viewed in placid reflecting pools
fruits and nuts are upon our trees
but as for brotherhood between the seas
the good has become harder to find
our light has dimmed

They came seeking relief from religious oppression
only to convert and pervert what they found
their freedom meant
the abolishment of the ways of
the new world they had come to
with violence and death
taking more land
there was no self control
no liberty
no real law other than
might made right
for the new people did not honor their god
and were deserving of death

These were not heroes
they did not liberate the peoples of this new land
they showed no mercy
there was nothing noble or divine in their treatment
not of the peoples
nor of the lands that they found

They had a dream
of great alabaster cities
built them
but today
these are filled with empty dilapidated buildings
the homeless
and the violence that built them
tears run down the cheeks
of mothers and fathers losing their sons and daughters
tears are shed by the victims
of the religious extremism that was seeded in those early times

How can we continue to sing America The Beautiful?

Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Second Amendment

The second amendment

“A well regulated Militia,
being necessary to the security of a free State,
the right of the people to keep and bear Arms,
shall not be infringed.”

The champions of the second amendment, as they see themselves demand their rights. Nothing wrong with that. They tell us concealed carry should be their choice and not the governments. They claim the second amendment gives them that right. They go on to claim that any interference by the government
violates that right and the constitution. What they seem to forget though is the purpose of the amendment which is stated in the text. The amendment was put into the constitution in order to insure that a “well regulated Militia” could be called upon when the security of the State is being threatened.

So, what is a militia? Basically and for common understanding, it is a group of people who are not part of the armed forces of a country but are trained like soldiers. From Merriam-Webster it is officially defined as;

1 a : a part of the organized armed forces of a country liable to call only in emergency
b : a body o citizens organized for military service
:the whole body of able-bodied male citizens declared by law as being subject to call to military service

Now, for regulated
1 a : to govern or direct according to rule
b : to bring under the control of law or constituted authority
So, what the amendment covers is a trained group, a regulated group, an organized militia and not a bunch of individuals who want to play army at Walmart with weapons designed for the express purpose of fighting a war with the capability of killing other humans in mass quantities.
There is nothing wrong with responsible gun ownership but when we, as we have, come to the point where these deadly weapons are as easily obtainable as they are and they fall into the hands of mad men, extremists and terrorists, we have gone to a place far beyond the purpose of the second amendment to our constitution. We now have a congress bought by the weapons industry who are insuring that suspected terrorists whose aim is to maim and kill easy access to these weapons.

But yet according to them it is still not time to talk about this problem.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Political Promise

I am going to pick on one statement that just about every politician makes.

They tell the public what they are 'going to do' in hopes of garnering their vote. The statement has absolutely nothing to do with reality as without the help of the other members and branches of our government, they can do nothing by themselves. Campaign promises need to be looked at, not as something that is going to take place but as something that is going to be attempted and worked toward. I really do wish that those seeking for the offices of the presidency and congress would turn their statements to the I will work towards rather than promising something that they all by themselves cannot deliver.

Like I said, they just about all make these statements but the larger problem is that the public seems to not understand that these promises are more pandering for votes than even the politician him or her self realizes. What's dangerous is that some of them actually believe their own rhetorical promises and thoroughly mislead the public at large.  

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

$700 million to Pluto while children go hungry

Pluto, planet or dwarf planet, really doesn't matter to me at all. What does matter to me is the cost of the project. $700 millions dollars last I saw and I question; why? Basically we have sent a camera there. Knowledge is a wonderful thing but what practical knowledge are we actually expecting to gain. To me as it is to most, it seems no more than a curiosity trip. Again I wonder why spend that kind of money on something that to the vast majority of the taxpayers is a frivolous waste of tax dollars.

Fly me to the moon
let's look at Mars
Jupiter and Pluto
then on to distant stars

$23 billion has been spent since 1961 just on our trips to the moon. Sure we have made some great steps forward technologically, communications is just one. Where would we be without our cell phones? We also created some great plastics. (paper or plastic my friend, paper or plastic) Then we spent $2.5 billion on a project that would explore Mars that we called Curiosity. We're presently looking at another $2 billion to search for alien life on Jupiters moon Europa but thankfully the fly by of Jupiter was accomplished in conjunction with the $700 million camera we have sent to Pluto and then on to distant stars.

There is another much larger problem though, as the budget allocates $598.5 billion to defense for 2015 alone so that we can act as the police force of the earth. Yes, this makes the projects to the stars seem to be minuscule, doesn't it.

Anyway, at the onset of these projects as is the case today, there are children in this nation that go hungry. To top that we have a new budget that will decrease the amount of needed assistance to people who have no other way to feed their children. Apparently the thought is that as a nation the abuse of SNAP program will disappear because of the cuts but in actuality, its the innocent children who will feel the full effect of the cuts.

To me, spending more money on curiosity trips to the stars than taking care of the children in our nation is just plain wrong.  

Friday, July 10, 2015

Confederate flag rally in Amarillo, Texas

I read a real interesting article today out of Amarillo, Texas. Here's a link to it really is a piece of work.

The article makes it quite clear, “Other flags are welcome as long as they support our United States and the 13 colonies,” they don't seem to understand that the battle flag of the confederacy was the standard the south fought under in their revolt against the United States as they chose not to support the United States and the 13 colonies. (of course the 13 colonies were not in question during the civil war) That flag was founded in opposition to the United States.

Later on in the article they add Attendees who choose to fly other flags will be asked to leave the event.” and If it’s the rainbow flag or whatever, yes, you’ll be asked to leave just out of respect. It’s a Confederate flag run,” Roberts said. “It would be disrespectful toward the United States.”

The people getting this thing together seem to have been taught a revisionist history concerning the flag and the civil war. This has become a huge problem in Texas. Revising history that is.

They are saying that this rally is about freedom of speech, theirs but evidently, nobody else's from their request. they also state in the article that that is to avoid conflict. makes me wonder how they don't see that this is exactly what they are doing with the rally. Their “in your face” rally is nothing more than them being confrontational and we all know, well apparently except them that confrontation causes conflict.

Now, contrary to popular belief, ignorance is not bliss. Sharing the truth may not change the opinions of the hard core but might cause the fence rider to think for a change. For the mean time though let's just call it what it is, good 'ole boys holdin' on to their heritage, a heritage based on inequality, bigotry and hate for the black man.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Pledge, The Bellamy Salute and A Couple of Moments of Cowardice

 The pledge of allegiance, written in 1892 by a Christian Socialist minister Francis Bellamy originally read;

“I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Bellamy's hopes were that this pledge could be used by the people of any and all countries. That It might fit anyone anywhere in vowing the allegiance to their nation. Shortly after, in 1923 there came a revision to the pledge in order to make it more personal to our own country. At this time it now read;

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America ant to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.”

The year 1954 came along with a fear that communism was about to take over the world. Those godless people from the then USSR would have their evil ways with the US of A if we didn't make damn sure that God was on our side of right and wrong and we added the words “under God” to Bellamy's pledge. That brought the wording of our pledge of allegiance to where it is today.

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America ant to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.”

For so many years, as children we started each school day with our right hand over our hearts, reciting the pledge. Not the original as Francis Bellamy had written it, but the second revision of it. That is not all that was changed though. The right hand over the heart was not the original salute either. Mr. Bellamy had also developed a salute that went with his pledge. It began with the right hand over the heart and then the hand would be extended toward the flag with palm up offering ourselves allied with the nation and then the pledge would be recited. This custom concerning the pledge was changed as well.

During the 1920's and 30's the Italian Fascists and Nazis adopted the Bellamy salute and in 1942 when WWII was declared, out of fear of appearing so similar our nation decided to change the method in how we saluted our flag. We no longer would extend our hand offering up ourselves in allegiance to our national standard, The Stars and Stripes.

Here at home in our own nation there was another group who had adopted the salute. There was a slight difference though, as this group used their left hands and with three fingers of their tight hands formed the letter K over their hearts. It seems that the difference was enough to not, in today's vernacular, make heads explode when the KKK used it. Kind of like terrorism is today, if it comes from outside the country it's terrorism while within our own borders the same evil is viewed in a whole different light. These incidents always seem to be lone wolves committing isolated activities that have been incited by mental illness.

Well, anyway! We have changed the pledge twice. The first time seems to be a good move as it personalized it to the nation but the second time was out of fear. The salute was changed out of fear as well. These were “knee jerk” reactions. Reactions seen in those who will run to the nearest safe haven to avoid confrontation rather than stand up for what they believe in. most look at this as the very picture of cowardice. They may say and you may believe that discretion is the better part of valor, but once you start running away from your beliefs, all that's left is a fall.

I'm not advocating changing anything back. What I do want is for people to realize that things as we know them today were not always as they were. Our pledge was written by someone who believed in the people of the United States of America. Francis Bellamy, a democratic socialist. This word socialist was not and today is not something that the people should fear. Socialism is about and for the people. A system that, like all can be abused but has the first priority of protecting and serving the people of a nation from the greed of the very rich in their need not only for money, but for power. Yes, capitalism can be a system abused as well. It seems as if we have experienced this already.

Thursday, July 2, 2015



A terrible time for our country
The fear of what was called
the domino effect
Communism would be at our doorstep
if we did not stop the North Vietnamese

It was our own freedom
we were told that hung in the balance

We sent our young men
they fought
many died
others crippled and those who were fortunate enough
to simply make home
became the victims of a nation
that showed no support for the soldier

But the war was not about our freedom

It was about fear

Fear that traveled throughout our government
that we could be next

Of course history now shows
that was not the intent of the North
all they wanted was their country reunified

Our boys came home
the nation turned its back on them
many today still live in the streets
as do present day returnees from the middle east wars

It was the Vietnam veteran
who vowed
never to let another vet go unappreciated

The people have learned
but sadly
the government hasn't

The fear they have now
is the loss of profits
they continue to send
other peoples children
off to war that for these youg men
and now women
holds death and dismemberment
without giving those fortunate enough to return home
proper care and support

Today is so different from yesterday

the people spat upon the returning soldier

it is the spittle of the government that they wear

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Getting Rid of the Battle Flag

They're removing all of the Battle Flag of the Confederacy from Walmart. Wonderful! Governor Nilli Haley is calling for the flag in question to be removed from the capital grounds of South Carolina. Great! Personally I applaud the actions as the Confederate Battle Flag to me represents an attitude of defiance and war against the United States of America. Those who enjoy the freedom to display it often try to tell us that this flag is a statement of pride in southern heritage. We know that to be no more than a bucket of hogwash. The purpose of that flag was then to lead Rebel soldiers into battle against Union soldiers. One of the favorite sayings throughout the south has been, “the south shall rise again.” You see, to many in the south, the war between the states has never ended.

There's something else about that heritage thing that bothers me. There are an awful lot of “good ole boys” in the north who seem to want to claim that southern heritage thing who have never set foot south of the celebrated Mason/Dixon line. They and their ancestors not having any ties at all to the south but still think it's “cool” to wave what they want to call the Stars and Bars. Right there, their lack of knowledge of what that flag truly represents. The Battle Flag and the Stars and Bars are two totally different flags. The Stars and Bars was the nickname for The First National Flag of The Confederacy which had a field of blue with seven stars placed in a circle and three bars, two red and one white. Later they added more stars as other states joined the confederacy. If these people wish to claim the heritage argument, they should at least fly or display the proper flag.

The battle flag represents a war. It was the standard the south fought under to in order to preserve there customs which included the enslavement of Africans who were brought here against their will. Sold to slavers on the African side of the Atlantic and resold for profit when they reached the American side. Everything about that flag to me stinks of the endorsement of slavery and the belief that those black people are inferior to us white ones. Another bucket of hogwash!

So I ask, what good will it do when we hide this picture the represents racism? Will it change how bigots think? I don't think so. Will it change how bigots act? To me, that is a possibility. Most probably, the actions of those who would act upon their racism will feel justified to do so because their precious symbol is being taken away from them. Like little kids, when you tell them NO, that's exactly what they want to do. The good ole boys who don't really know no better are not a problem. It's those that have truly poisoned minds that are dangerous.

Again, I applaud Walmart and Governor Haley for their move to change things but it is not going to cure the deep seated racism that is still quite alive in our country.

They Bathe Themselves In Drama

How I love people who live to hate and bathe themselves in the drama of constant confrontation. Their greatest enjoyment is generally making others to feel miserable. The truth is that they are miserable and can't stand to see others enjoying any portion of life. They then take it upon themselves as their life's mission to deliver equality to the human race by bringing others down to their level low self esteem. Seems to me to be the wrong direction but at the same time, it also seems as the natural progression of things. We've all heard the saying that one bad apple spoils the whole bunch. It's true, you put a rotting apple into a bag with an apple that is at the perfect ripeness and watch them. The good apple just has no effect on the rotting one and the rotting apple quickens the aging of the ripe one.

Here's the thing, negative people have a stronger effect on positive people than the positive person can have on the negative person. I used the words before, it's true! Watch their attitudes when they get together, their conversation will bend to the negative side in no time. Complaints will eventually flow from both people. It's the nature of things! It may seem to be the wrong direction for enjoying ones life but is what it is. Surround yourself with negative and that is exactly what you become.

Last week I was on the golf course after we had had four and a half inches of rain. So many seemed to look at the course as far too wet (what were they doing there then) to play. Me, I found a better way to look at it. I love the game, it is an out of doors sport, you gotta accept the weather and if I am going to go out and play, dammit, I am going to find a way to enjoy myself. The course they found to be wet, I found to be receptive. It was the same course with the same moisture content, yeah my feet got wet but my positive viewpoint made my round enjoyable while they, with their negative viewpoints were disappointed in their day on the course.

Back to the people who love to hate. These folks show up all the time in the comment sections of articles across the internet. Most of them using some fictitious made up name (sometimes of famous people they picture themselves as) thanking the internet gods for the anonymity it offers them. (Allowed consent to bully and bash others.) You would swear that if you turned your opinion to match theirs, they would change their stance immediately on whatever subject is being discussed. They are there to argue and the more people continue to respond to them, the better they like it. Confrontation is their main meal, they eat it up like popcorn in a crowded theater.

Facts, they are definitely not keen on these as they ruin more arguments for them than they can stand. Once presented these people will quite often resort to calling names, a most adult direction in dealing with others during a disagreement. The attitude of today's society has moved so far away from common decency that being polite is almost frowned upon. (Fight or die Bruh, fight or die.)

It's long past time and maybe it has become a little too late to return peace to the valley, but I for one am going to keep on trying.

Go forth and be a positive example to others. Try building up rather than tearing down. You'll be amazed at what good it will do others and your own level of self esteem. I'm tellin' ya, you'll feel great about yourself.

Peace Bruh! 


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Donald

Ah, The Donald! Wonderful fellow he is. Claims that he will be able to save the country if we let him lead us by electing him to The Presidency of The United States of America. He says that he will be the utmost best “jobs president” our country has ever seen by bringing business' home from China and Japan along with many other nations to create jobs here at home. Of course this is while he has his own clothing line being manufactured in China and Bangladesh.

Mr. Trump of course must be the perfect man to lead our economy as well. He does seem to have a knack at creating companies which of course will create more jobs. Four of those times, The Donald has been able to declare bankruptcy and escape with little to no negative effect on his personal bank account. The man seems to be extremely good at running a duck and run game plan when that strategy is needed.

Speaking of that personal bank account though, he was not so successful at guarding it from Ivana and Marla. Two wives that learned all about the best of Mr. Trump, and of course the worst as well. He's on his third wife now and one can only wonder when she will be given the royal treatment that the other two have received. Being cheated on with other women while married has spoke volumes about his loyalty and character.

I absolutely love his position on immigration. He just recently in his announcement told the nation that immigration is ruining our country and is the death knell (my words) of the middle class. Seems that his grandparent immigrated and that his mother was from Scotland. That old saying, it takes one to know one, I guess he's got a right to talk about immigration as he truly is a product of it. By the way, has anybody seen his long form birth certificate? They say it was Queens, New York but I don't know it could have actually been Queensland, Australia. This is something that really needs to be looked into if he is going to be considered for the presidency.

Yes, the man knows how to make money while driving a business into the ground. He knows the reason for our floundering economy while doing business overseas. He knows all about women, their needs and place in society as his multiple marriages can attest to. Oh and one other thing, he knows how to switch political parties when the wind changes direction.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

We Have Met The Enemy

There he is, good 'ol Uncle Sam pointing at me telling me that he wants me to stop being afraid of of other Americans, religions, classes, nations and speaking out. Saying that we are Americans, act like it.

Kinda funny when you consider that it has been our government that has been doing their utmost best at keeping us on the edge of panic concerning other nations. The fear mongering concerning other religions is coming from our churches, especially from the evangelical fundamentalist Christian side of the house. The department of Homeland Security with their terror alert does not seem foster any confidence in the people of our nation that all that money that goes into our military complex is doing anything to keep us safe at home.

Don't be afraid, but that is the very direction of emotional travel they point to us as where we should be living our lives. I remember back to the 9/11 episode where immediately after the twin towers came down, the pentagon was flown into and the passengers forced the terrorists to fly the last of the three planes into the ground rather than taking out another target. The very next day the skies were empty of planes and it stayed that way for a week or so. Yes, it may have been necessary in a need for security of our airways but my emotion was such that our freedom was taken away that day and has yet to actually been returned. Our government on that day told us that we were Americans and that we should continue living our lives as normal while they shut down. Our leaders that day chose to protect their own back sides by closing down as to not be a target while telling the population to get out there in plain sight and keep the country moving. There was too much money to be lost if the the people themselves all of a sudden stopped working and purchasing the products of the wealthy businessmen.

The following weeks and months brought us to a point that all citizens became and were treated as suspects of terrorism. The patriot act was born and our basic right to privacy was attacked by our own government in the stated need of security of our country. Ben Franklin said “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” We all look at Ben Franklin as one of our founding fathers and an important member of a group that helped us establish a nation that people of others nations respected the freedoms that were offered to its citizens, who knew he was also a prophet. He sure seemed to hit that nail on the head when he made that statement, because here we are in that exact place. Trading liberty for security!

The fourth amendment to the constitution reads “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

The Patriot Act violated the constitution when I put a blanket warrant over all communication in this nation. The replacement USA Freedom Act hasn't really changed a thing. Today we live in a country where the government feels no loyalty to the constitution that they vowed to protect and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

We have met the enemy and he is US !!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Shepherds and Drovers

Leaders, shepherds are leaders but drovers no, not really.

Drovers push cattle from behind. The cattle do not consider them part of the herd. While driving the herd, they must have additional outriders to keep the herd together. It seems to me to be a terribly stressful time for the cattle and they learn only respect the whip rather than the cowboy.

Now shepherds on the other hand seem to have the respect of the flock. That staff that is historically carried has always been for the protection of the sheep and not to drive them forward. It's there for protection, to hold the wolves at bay so to speak. They follow because of that respect and the peace that is associated with him.

The biggest difference between leaders and those who are simply “in charge” is how they treat their flock, herd or people. Leaders are part of the whole while those in charge often make it a point to consider themselves above the rest.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Why do we do this?

People today
seem to go out of their way
in sharing the say
of those who say nay.

Then in protest they post
on this internet host
as an attempt then to roast
they go and share coast-to-coast.

The drivel and filth of the bitter.

There it is, that picture that just sets us off. A young man holding a burning flag, those girls standing upon it as it lies on the ground not to mention tea party member displaying it up-side-down. That's right, number three disrespects our flag every bit as much as numbers one and two. Each of these displays are there for one reason, to garner attention to the people in these pictures as they feel that they have something important to say. Though the law allows these displays of what is being sold as free speech and it really doesn't matter who it comes from, the misuse of the flag for purposes unintended will provoke somebody and often to the edge of violence.

When we see these images, what do we do?

We give them the attention they seek, what else. We protest their actions by displaying them for all to see with words written over their picture to tell folks just how terrible the action or statement is, and then tell others to share this picture. Wake up folks, you've just given them exactly what they've been wanting. Your attention and their message being shared with more people. If you want to protest their negative perspective on life in these United States of America, do it with a positive message rather than further circulating what you consider to be an anti American display. Promote the U. S. of A. rather than share that which is designed to tear it down.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ben Carson Said What???

Ben Carson, yes that fellow vying for the republican nomination to run for the presidency said;

Don't let the secular progressives drive God out of our lives.” He went on to say “We have to stop letting them bully us. . . . We back down too easily. It's an important part of who we are.”

He also claimed that progressives are politicizing religion and persecuting Christians.

The fact of the matter is that I believe our founders set up a system that wasn’t supposed to cater to a political class,” he said. “It was supposed to cater to the people.”
We’ve gotten everything confused,” Carson continued. “We’ve got to stop making everything into a political issue.”
Yet he makes this statement to further his political aspiration while attempting to minimize the rights of others who do not ascribe to his religious viewpoint. He makes the point that the government is supposed to cater to the people, yet he fights to deny the rights of the LGBT community. He has claimed that progressives are bullying and persecuting Christians while it is the evangelical far right that has attempted to limit the rights of the people to the way they interpret their bible.
I have to ask one question, it's a two part question. Who is making the question of “rights” political and who is bullying others to accept their way of life in this country that is supposed to have freedom from the government imposing religion on its people?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Our Militarized Police

The need to look like soldiers by our police departments seems to be the direction our nation has taken. From the combat gear they wear to the equipment they seek for use that has been designed for war. There's a funny thing that happens when males adorn themselves as soldiers. They take on a militaristic attitude in how they act. In other words, they begin to act as if they are soldiers who are at war. Yes, they start to play war. They appear to be going about their tour, shift if you may, watching for the opportunity to assert their authority as if the entire public is their enemy. After all, the patriot act basically has made us all suspects rather than citizen who are innocent until proven guilty of a crime.

Now, tell me something, what does the public see and think when they see officer friendly now dressed in full combat gear? How do they feel about the presence of these officers of the law when they are approached by an armed soldier rather than an officer who took an oath to protect and serve? To me it kind of suggests that are living under the occupation of an invading force and that we are being scrutinized as the enemy. With the ever growing incidences of police misconduct lately, that picture grows more vivid with each case.

There are plenty of good officers out there, I would say a great majority of them are. It's those officers that have taken the militarizing of their appearance and decided to play war that have brought the trust of police departments across this country to its lowest level in the history of our nation. Then once the “Blue Wall” is put in place to protect those who have abused their positions, the entire justice system takes on the face of those few bad officers. This has got to change, the “I feared for my life” statements are being shown to be less than true when what you see is someone running away and being shot in the back by the officer. Another incident where a perpetrator of not committing a crime is hassled then while on his face on the pavement, four shots ring out killing him.

The militarization of the police forces across this country has left us with an us against them society that has taken away more trust from our citizens than can be understood. When we fear the police more than those our government considers to be the terrorists, we have a problem.

I sure would like to bring back the days when we were able and very willing to teach our children that if they are ever lost or in trouble that they could turn to and trust the policeman on the corner for help.

Friday, May 8, 2015

The American Socialist

I got a question. Hows come republicans are so scared of socialism? I know, I know, BIG BROTHER!
Yes, big brother looking deep into the lives of the people of this country. Total control over all that we say, do, think and believe is the target of socialism. Yes that's scary and the funny thing is that it's the republican platform that continues to move us in that direction minus the social benefits in the name of freedom.

I've read that socialism and freedom go hand in hand but social suggests “for the people” not for the government to walk all over the people which again seems to be the direction the republicans are going while doing their reverse Robin Hood gig in robbing the poor to give to the rich. They want the control that is pictured in George Orwell's 1984 without the responsibility of taking care of the needs of the people of the nation.

Two of the greatest heroes of the conservative movement were Senator Joe McCarthy and FBI Director J Edgar Hoover. Both vigorously attacked communism with its socialistic ways while delving deeply into the private lives of the people of America. They themselves were acting out the “BIG BROTHER” scenario while supposedly fighting against it.

Today, they still want to control the nation through keeping the people ignorant. (a word I believe to be misused) Day after day they try to take steps in the direction toward making our country into a theocratic nation. They oppose sharia law of Islam while trying to impose a religious law of their own.

Tell me, who are the American Socialists?