Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Political Promise

I am going to pick on one statement that just about every politician makes.

They tell the public what they are 'going to do' in hopes of garnering their vote. The statement has absolutely nothing to do with reality as without the help of the other members and branches of our government, they can do nothing by themselves. Campaign promises need to be looked at, not as something that is going to take place but as something that is going to be attempted and worked toward. I really do wish that those seeking for the offices of the presidency and congress would turn their statements to the I will work towards rather than promising something that they all by themselves cannot deliver.

Like I said, they just about all make these statements but the larger problem is that the public seems to not understand that these promises are more pandering for votes than even the politician him or her self realizes. What's dangerous is that some of them actually believe their own rhetorical promises and thoroughly mislead the public at large.