Friday, December 18, 2015

The Guardians

Gibran wrote of the two guardian angels. You can find the actual writing here . What a fight they had. They fought tooth and nail over whose posting was more difficult. The one was guardian of a sinner while the other had the job of watching the saint. They got so far out of hand that their assignments became ignored and the archangel had to come and break up the fight. He asked what had caused this rift between the two and found that the only solution to the problem was to have them swap assignments seeing that they had both believed the other had it so easy. It seems as though the whole thing went to show us that there are times that the guardians need to receive a little waking up to the reality of the situation.

Why even mention this writing? Why look at two stubborn individuals who for the life of them cannot get along enough to really even consider each others position in their need to be the one who is correct. I seems to me that we have that same situation right here in the good ole US of A in or political system. Two parties that no matter what the other side has to present, the other side tends to cover their ears and begin chanting la-la-la-la-la to drown out what they don't wish to listen to. Our representatives and senators, what a sad lot. These elected men are supposed to be the guardians of this country with the express purpose of taking care of the people. Their priorities have strayed away from the people unto the corporations and rich benefactors that are bribing, legally bribing the officials who are sworn to represent the people.

Time for the people to find an arch-angel that can set these guardians straight.

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