Monday, July 25, 2016

Voting Your Conscience

The problem with voting your conscience for a candidate that cannot pull more than 3 to 10% (this includes Johnson and Stein) of the vote is the idea that you don't really care who is elected and that either of those two losers (in their minds) who represent the major parties is fine with you. Sure, you'll feel great that you didn't have to hold your nose but many of you people were staunch supporters of Senator Sanders during the primaries but are now turning your backs on him when he has made it clear that now is the time to unify behind Secretary Clinton. He made it perfectly clear that that was his stance on the subject of support from the very beginning if he were to lose the nomination to Secretary Clinton. If your support for Senator Sanders was real concerning his position during the primaries, it shouldn't be changing now.

Any vote for an non-electable third party candidate tells this guy, you really don't care what the direction this country moves.   

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