Monday, November 21, 2016

Privacy, on the internet? Really!

Ya gotta love the mind set, 'I was just exercising freedom of speech on my facebook page and shouldn't have been fired. It's my private page!'

How in the world do they not realize that there is nothing private about the internet? Why in heavens name do they believe that they can say whatever they want without the possible repercussions that may arise from their statements? Their employer does not have to support a racist or bigoted viewpoint of an employee by keeping them on the payroll if it will bring their business under a microscope in a way that could cause them to lose business or label them as questionable and unfair concerning the service they may provide.

Quite simply put, there is no expectation of privacy on the internet. Once something is put out there, it is there for the world to see. If you make racist comments and share racist memes on social media, you will be seen as a racist who does not care that the world will see them as a bigot.

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